Immunization Records


You can now document your immunizations in drchrono as well as store the consent forms signed by the patient or their guardians.

1. Pull up the patient chart, the fastest way is by searching their name in the hot spot search

2. Click on the "Immunizations" tab

3. You'll see a list of ages with drop down boxes next to the age. Select the vaccine you wish to administer from the drop down box

4. Click on the "Step 2: Review and Sign" tab. This will show the consent forms that your patient or guardian may sign. Click the blue "Sign Consent" form to have the forms signed or click skip.

5. The patient/guardian can either sign by drawing or type in their name. Once they're done, click the blue "I consent" button

6. This will lead you to the third tab, "Record Vaccinations". Fill out the information and click the blue "Save" button when you're finished.

7. Congratulations, you've filled out the information for the immunization. You'll now see it in the first tab with the information you filled out. You can make edits by clicking the edit button or remove the record by clicking on remove button

Patient/Guardian Refuses Immunization

1. If a patient/guardian refuses a vaccination, click on the red refuse button next to the vaccine.

2. This will allow create a popup where you can fill out the information as to why the patient/guardian refused. Click the blue "Save" button when you're finished

3. The information will appear next to the vaccination


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