Prerequisite Legal Registrations Necessary for EPCS

In order to get started with EPCS in drchrono, you must have completed certain registrations in accordance with the DEA and your state's laws.
1. You must register for a DEA number to use EPCS.
Within most states (all excluding New York), all that is required prior to the EPCS setup process is a DEA number. You may register for a DEA number here:

2. In the state of New York, you must also register for an HSC Account.
Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Registry is required when writing a prescription for a Schedule II, III and IV controlled substance. You must have a health commerce system (HCS) account to consult the PMP.
You may register for an HSC Account here (New York only):

3. Additionally, providers in New York must register for ROPES
ROPES is the online application health care providers submit in order to renew registrations for the Official Prescription Program (OPP), or to renew registrations for the OPP AND register certified electronic prescribing controlled substances (EPCS) software. All ROPES renewals and registrations must be completed online with a New York State Health Commerce System (HCS) account. Only one account per user is necessary to access the HCS.
4. Finally, providers in New York must also register for BNE
Each individual practitioner, not the software vendor, is required by regulation to register their certified EPCS software application with BNE.

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