Sending Files to Your Patient



When your patient is signed up with onpatient, you have the ability to send any patient files to your patient in a secure and HIPAA compliant fashion.

The supported filetypes that are accepted with onpatient messaging are JPEG, PDF, TXT, GIF, and PNG.



To send files to your patient, you'll need to reach the drchrono EHR communications page. To reach the communications page, you need to first open your patient's chart.


At your patient's chart, select the 'Communication' tab on the left hand navigation bar.


Sending Attachments

At the communications page, make sure you are on the 'Messages' tab. On the messages tab, you'll see a blue 'Send Message' button. Click on this button to open up a new message.

On your new message, select the button titled 'Attach a file'.


You'll be prompted to browse for the file you would like to send. Search for your file and hit open.


Notice that your documents have now been attached to the message. Fill out the remainder of the message and select 'Send Message'.


Your message alongside your attachments will be sent to your patient. In your patient documents, you can review the messages that you have sent along with the attachments associated with those messages.

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