How to Use the Stripe Evidence Upload Tool



   To submit evidence to support a Stripe dispute, you will need to access the Stripe Evidence Upload Tool. Begin by hovering over the Billing tab and selecting OnPatient Payments. This will take you to the Stripe Dashboard.

OnPatient payments menu view in DrChrono


From the Stripe Dashboard you can access the tool in two ways:

1. Click on the Payments tab and select the dispute from the status column for which you wish to upload evidence. Once selected, a Dispute Details screen will open where you can proceed with uploading evidence for the dispute.

Payments view with disputes in OnPatient Payments


2. Click on the Disputes tab and select the Dispute ID for which you wish to upload evidence. Once selected, a Dispute Details screen will open where you can proceed with uploading evidence for the dispute.

Dispute view showing the dispute ID in OnPatient payments


Once a dispute has been created, you have seven (7) calendar days to submit evidence. If the evidence submission deadline passes and you have not submitted any evidence, you will automatically lose the dispute. 

To submit evidence for a dispute, please provide as many details as possible. All fields are not mandatory and may not apply to your case. Supported file formats for evidence upload are JPEG, PDF, PNG and may have a max file size of 8MB.

Dispute evidence


Dispute evidence in OnPatient payments


Product description and comment boxes for patient payments


Please note that if you submit this form without any of the fields filled out your dispute will be denied. A warning message will appear upon clicking Submit to alert you to check your submission for completeness.

Refund and cancellation policy comment boxes


You can save evidence for later editing instead of submitting it immediately. This option is available by clicking Save for Later at the bottom of the evidence screen. We will automatically submit any saved evidence on the due date indicated.

Warning popup appears before submission


Evidence submission is final. You may only submit evidence once per dispute. Once the evidence is submitted, a Submitted flag will appear in green and you are able to view the evidence that was submitted by clicking the blue View Evidence button.

save for later or submit


DrChrono logs the status, username, and date in the Logs section at the bottom of the screen when any evidence has been saved for later or upon final submission. DrChrono logs section for status, username, and more


Once the evidence is submitted the dispute status will update to Under Review and you will also receive a notification in your Message Center confirming your submission.

Submit dispute when all evidence is in


On average, it takes 60-75 days after evidence is submitted for the patient's financial institution to review and deliver a verdict to Stripe after which you will receive a notification in your Message Center.

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