Sending a Prescription with a Supervising Provider


If you need to have a supervising provider included on a prescription, you can do so by contacting your account manager, implementation specialist or our support team. 

You will need to specify: 

  • Who can supervise
  • Who needs supervision

Once this feature is enabled you can add the supervising provider's information to prescriptions.  For information on sending prescriptions, see our article here. 

1. To begin, navigate to the Send eRx page of the patient's chart. There will be a dropdown menu to select the supervising provider. 


2. Select the supervising provider from the menu and complete the prescription as you normally would.  


3. In the test example below, the logged in provider's NPI and DEA number are at the top of the prescription and the supervisor's name, NPI, and DEA number are located in the signature section. 



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