Searching for Your Patient's Pharmacy


The pharmacy search within drchrono is powered by Surescripts, a service that connects of 95% of U.S. pharmacies and provides electronic prescription transmission capabilities (external source). In order to search for a pharmacy within the drchrono EHR, the pharmacy must be connected via Surescripts.

Occasionally, a patient will be using a pharmacy that either not connected via Surescripts or does not support electronic prescriptions altogether. If you have followed the steps within this guide and cannot find your patient's preferred pharmacy, please reach out to the support team and provide us with the name of the pharmacy, and the full street address (street number, street name, city, state, and postal code). 


Searching for a Pharmacy

To begin searching for pharmacies, navigate to the new prescription page (Patient Chart > Left-hand Navigation Bar > Send eRx). At the new prescription page, navigate to the bottom of the page to the select pharmacy section.

Type in your patient's pharmacy zip code to display a list of pharmacies in that area.

Alternatively, you can search for the name of the pharmacy directly. 


If searching by name for a large chain of pharmacies, you may narrow your search by limiting results within a certain distance from your patient's address. If you have not entered your patient's address in their chart, this option will not be available. 


When you find the pharmacy, you can select it for a prescription, save it to your favorites, or set as patient default.

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