Refilling a Medication


There are two types of refills: via the medication list and refill requests from a pharmacy. Each method has its own process and we'll go over how to access each.

Refills via Patient's Medication List

1. To create a refill via a new prescription, first you need to access a patient's chart (Patients > Patient List or Search).



2. Once in the chart, select Medication List from the left-hand navigation bar. This will bring you to the patient's medication list. 



3. Check the box(es) next to the medication(s) you would like to refill and click Resend Selected Medications



4. The prescription information will populate the fields on the New Prescription screen.  You can make any changes if needed.  Click Preview Prescription on the bottom of the page.


5. After you hit Preview Prescription', you'll be brought to a confirmation page. Here, verify the information on the prescription, check the drug interactions, then hit Send Prescription in the upper right hand corner. Your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy and your patient will be able to pick up the new medication.



Refill Requests from the Pharmacy

When the patient contacts the pharmacy to refill the meds and there are no refills left, the pharmacy will contact you through a refill request displayed in the message center.

To access your eRx requests, select the Message Center (Message_Center_Icon.png)  from your DrChrono navigation bar. 

Note: Your patient's pharmacy must be connected via Surescripts in order to deliver eRx requests.

Your eRx Requests will be listed on your left-hand messages navigation. Select eRx Requests, then you'll see a list of the requests the DrChrono EHR has received from the pharmacy. 

Click on the prescription to see the info.  





On each eRx request, you'll be able to approve, deny or make changes. 



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