Deleting a payment in the Patient Payments system


**Once a payment has been created the details of the payment (payment date, amount, payment method) can not be edited.**

If you would like to keep record of the error and correction, you can enter a correction instead of deleting the payment, which will remove all record of it. (How to enter a correction)

If you would like to delete the entries outright, you can delete payments that were entered in error. To do so, you'll need the Billing Administrator and Access Patient Payments permissions enabled for your login. 

If you are a practice admin, make sure you have these permissions checked off for any Staff Members who will need to delete payments. (How to set Staff Permissions)


With "Billing Administrator" and "Access Patient Payments" enabled, go to Billing > Patient Payments (Beta).


Click on the Payments tab in the top left corner, then search for the patient you need and click Update.



You can then click the Lock Icon on the left side of the screen to enter Unlock Mode.  You'll get a pop up asking Are you sure? to which you can reply OK.



Once in unlock mode, you can identify the payment which needs to be deleted, and click the red X icon to the right of that payment. The system will ask you to confirm the deletion, and after doing so, the payment will be deleted altogether. 



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