How to Use CoverMyMeds on the Web


DrChrono EHR now provides physicians the most accurate prescription price information at the point of care via the integration tool CoverMyMeds.


Note: In order to retrieve the pricing information the following information must be updated in the demographics tab of the patient's chart:

  • full name,
  • date of birth
  • address. 

Be advised, if that information is not added then prescribers may proceed with the eRx but they will get a warning saying that "pricing information is not available" due to the missing information.


1. Open a patient chart and click on the Send eRx tab in the left menu panel




2. Fill out the prescription information as usual.  A box on the right side will appear titled Benefits




 3. This will give the price of the medication and copay information*.




*The pricing is based on the insurance information that is already saved in the patient chart.  If there is no insurance information in the patient chart then it will give a cash-based price.

ALSO: If you don't get a price it's because pharmacies are tasked with updating their databases for prices.  This is external and has nothing to do with DrChrono or CoverMyMeds.  




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