Sending a Message or Picture to a Provider through OnPatient


The OnPatient portal provides a secure channel for your patients to send health information to you. Unlike email and similar forms of communication, the OnPatient messaging system is fully HIPAA compliant but still offers an intuitive and familiar method of communication. 


1. When your patient first logs in, they will first come upon their dashboard. From there they will need to click on the Messages tab to access the messaging center. 



2. The messaging center is structured similarly to an email inbox, with the option of viewing the inbox, starred messages, sent messages, and archived messages. For your patient to send you a new message, they will need to select the Send Message button to the right of this page.



3. The first step in sending a new message is to choose the Recipient. Your patient will be able to send messages to any provider within your practice group that has enabled the OnPatient communications setting under Account OnPatient Settings Communication



4. Once the recipient is selected, the patient will then fill out the message that they wish to send you. If they would like to send a file or a picture, they can drag and drop the file to the attachment area or click on the attachment area to browse for the file.  Click Send Message when finished. 



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