Check-In App: Getting Started with Kiosk Mode


Kiosk Mode on the Check-In App

The drchrono platform includes the Patient Check-In App, an app independent of the EHR/EMR app that is designed towards streamlining the patient check-in process. Within the Check-In app, you may activate Kiosk Mode. With Kiosk Mode, your patient may verify his/her background information, answer basic questions, sign form without the supervision of a receptionist or staff member. By using the Kiosk Mode, you may save your office administrative strain and improve the patient experience.

To use Kiosk Mode, open your Check-In App and sign in. Tap on the menu button in the upper right hand corner and select 'Kiosk Mode'. 


By default, the home button on your iPad is not disabled. To temporarily disable the home button and prevent your patient from closing the app, enable guided access in your iPad settings. To begin Kiosk Mode, select 'Start Kiosk Mode'.


When you select 'Start Kiosk Mode', you will be directed to the first page of Kiosk Mode. When a patient finishes checking in, the check-in screen will revert to this page.


When a patient hits 'Start', they will be required to verify their appointment. They will need to enter in their name and date of birth to begin. The patient will need to have an appointment prior to using Kiosk Mode and will need to type in an exact name and date of birth match to your EHR to continue.


After the appointment has been verified, your patient may now follow the onscreen instructions to check in. This order is based on the check-in workflow you have customized.

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